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Full Agenda for the
Internet of Banking & Payments 2018

Payments Sector Update: A view from the Retail Perspective
  •   With card payments now accounting for over 70% of sales what does the future hold for smart payments    
  •   How can the retail sector and the finance sector engage better with each other to deliver what customers want?  
  •   Hear about some key innovations in the retail payments space

Andrew Cregan, Head of Payments Policy, British Retail Consortium

Can PSD2 Drive a Wave of Digital Transformation?
  • ‍Learn how banks can turn PSD2 from a compliance challenge into a catalyst for business growth
  • ‍Who will be the initial winners of a Post-PSD2 ecosystem?
  • ‍Where are the opportunities for Banks and Merchants moving forward? Are these being truly exploited?

Veronika Colucci, Director, Product Development, Mastercard

Chair’s Opening Remarks

David Parker, CEO, Polymath

Standards for Open Banking: Is the Industry all on the Same Page?
  • Learn the steps required to for industry-wide standards to ensure a good market facing outcome for PSD2
  • Discover the role of TPPs in driving adherence to ensure their customers get the best solutions
  • Explore whether customers should care about Open Banking or the use cases it powers?

Moderator: Joy Macknight, Deputy Editor, The Banker

Panellist: Gavin Littlejohn, Chairman, FDATA

Panellist: Brendan Jones, CCO, Konsentus

Panellist: Rupert Lee-Brown, CEO, Caxton FX

Case Study: Open Banking or the Internet of Banking
  • Learn how PSD2 and Open Banking are affecting the new challenger banks, is it all positive?
  • ‘If This Then That’ - discover how to build a financial services platform that integrates seamlessly with how you live
  • Are legacy banks to challenger banks what feature phones were to smart phones?

Simon Vans-Colina, Engineer, Monzo

Updating Legacy systems that are inhibiting innovation and competition in FinTech
  • Learn how to manage the transition from legacy systems to cloud; a lesson from the first clearing bank created in 250 years
  • Centralising platforms and using a single API; discover how it can be done
  • Explore what data needs to be kept in house and what can be hosted in the cloud to futureproof your organisation

Nick Ogden, Executive Chairman, ClearBank (Founder of WorldPay)

Open Banking meets open innovation - The UK’s first PFM opens up its IP to the developer community
  • With 200 Fintechs applying for AISP licences, and thousands to follow, how can banks innovate faster through partnerships?    
  • Be the first to hear about the launch of Money Dashboard’s new “open innovation” banking platform
  • Explore the types of innovation that are already being powered by best-of-breed categorisation

Steve Tigar, CEO, Money Dashboard

Great things are built on firm foundations – enabling a vibrant economy through the New Payments Architecture
  • Look forward to theNew Payments Architecture and learn about the current procurement.
  • Explore one possiblepayment future enabled by the Economy of Things.
  • Discover how to getinvolved in building the next generation of payment service now.

Adrian Burholt, NPA Workstream Lead, Pay.UK

Will the Threat of Tech Render Retail Banking Obsolete?
  • How does the threat of prominent tech giants: Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple measure up to the rise of FinTech and Regulation?
  • How are the Tech giants making waves in the banking and payments space?  
  • What is the next move for legacy banks when considering this threat? Are IoT Payments the trojan horse?

Moderator: Tony Craddock, Director General, Emerging Payments Association

Panellist: Richard Wagner, CEO, Cashplus

Panellist: Jade Chin, Mobile Payments & Innovations Partnerships Lead, Barclays

Panellist: Mark Curran, Director of Payments and Open Banking, CYBG PLC

IoT for Connected Payments


Fernando Llobregat, Head  of IoT Business Development, BICS

Opening up a legacy bank – HSBC Case Study
  • What steps need to be taken both culturally and operationally to fully embrace the new PSD2 regulations?  
  • Explore how open banking can drive internal innovation
  • What can global financial institutions learn from PSD2 and how can it be applied globally?

Georgios Miltiadous, Head  of Open Banking, HSBC

The Role of Digital Identity in the Future of Banking and Payments
  • Discover who should own the digital identity and who takes liability for wrong authentications  
  • What is the role of banks in the creation of digital identities?
  • How does the role out of both GDPR and PSD2 affect Digital ID?

Bryn Robinson-Morgan, Chief Product Officer - Identity Services, Post Office

The Many Stages of a Start-Up in Collaboration with Starupbootcamp

A series of 4 FinTech start-ups at different stages of the growth curve will be laying out the do's and don'ts of how legacy financial institutions can effectively work and engage with them to ensure they deliver more win-win situations.

The scene will be set by the Co-Founder of Rainmaking and the summation will be delivered by a well known high street bank who will take you on their journey to effective FinTech engagement.

Take this opportunity to gain early insight into new technologies and potentially identify your next investment project to give you a competitive edge in the market.

Meet the Start-Ups

Facilitator: Jordan Schlipf, Co-Founder & PArtner, Rainmaking

Pre-Seed Stage: Wouter Meeuwisse, CEO & Founder, Stampwallet

Post-Seed Stage: Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-Founder, Railsbank

Post-Series A: TBC   

Self-Sustaining: TBC   

Closing Remarks from the Chair
Chair’s Opening Remarks

David Parker, CEO, Polymath

A Cashless Future with IoT Payments: Understanding the Barriers to Mass Adoption
  • As more countries make fewer payments with cash is the ecosystem ready to support a cashless economy?
  • Educating consumers on the benefits of IoT Payments: Developing trust and furthering adoption
  • Dealing with the security question, is the industry doing enough to reassure consumers?

Kasper Sylvest, Head of Financial Market Infrastructures, Danske Bank

The Role of Digital Assets in Payments And The Internet Of Value
  • What problem can digital assets solve in payments?
  • What is the path to adoption - by consumers, merchants, banks, payment service providers, what hurdles are in the way?
  • Are CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) a distraction or a disruption?

Jeremy Light, VP of EU Strategic Accounts, Ripple

Mitigating the Threats to an IoT Payments Ecosystem
  • What new risks have arisen with IoT payments, looking beyond ransomware attacks and cyber threats
  • Who within your company needs to be responsible for mapping the risk? How much of a role do Head’s of Payments need to take?
  • Accurate stress-testing and having a clear plan in place should the worst happen

Brett Lancaster, Managing Director, Global Head of Customer Security, SWIFT

Blockchain as a Secure Authenticator of Smart Payments
  • Demystifying Blockchain and distributed ledgers
  • Examples of utilising Blockchain as an authenticator from Trade Finance and Investment Banking to retail banking and merchants
  • Is Blockchain overhyped or about to change the payments economy?

Moderator: Joy Macknight, Deputy Editor, The Banker

Panellist: Esteban Díaz Asúa, Co-Founder, CFT Group

Panellist: Raul Coutinho Garrido, CTO - Founder, Marionete

Panellist: Rupert Lee-Brown, Chairman, HooHa

Is Tokenisation the Silver Bullet to Fraud and Security Problems with IoT Payments
  • How has tokenisation evolved in the past year: New vendors and requirements
  • Moving past the basics of tokenisation: An insider view
  • Is tokenisation a full proof system? Or does it still need work?

Andrew Whitcombe, Principal Consultant, Consult Hyperion

A Case Study of K Ring and ABN AMRO Bank: Wearables as the future of Payments
  • How has tokenisation enabled the developments of passive wearable technology
  • Learn how to overcome the security hurdles and give the consumer peace of mind with contactless wearables
  • Integrating payment wearables with legacy banks, discover the road map to success for both sides

Phil Campbell, Founder & CEO, K Wearables

Evaluating the Impact Machine learning Could Have on the Automation of Payments
  • Human Hand vs Machine: Eradicating error
  • The impact on liability should something go wrong with an automated payment
  • Linking Machine Learning to other technologies that enable Smart Payments

Chris Michael, CTO, OBIE

Open and Real Time - Why are global payment operations being rebuilt
  • Learn about global public policy initiatives impacting the future of banking and  payments  
  • What does “Open” and “Real Time” mean, and how will anyone benefit?
  • How to build payment infrastructure and services fit for an Open world

Lu Zurawski, Practice Lead, Retail  Banking & Consumer Payments, ACI Worldwide

Partnerships & the Future of Data
  • How have issuers and merchants responded to GDPR: A look at effective compliance
  • Opt-In and IoT Payments: What is the GDPR angle?
  • How to avoid being on the front page: TSB and the protection of reputational risk

Emma Huntingdon, Strategic Development, Nationwide

Harry Keen, CEO, Hazy

Appraising the current relationship between banks and their customers: Are banks out of touch?
  • Explore what the Legacy banks can learn from the challengers to engage with their customers
  • Are the Tech Giants creating a barrier between banks and their customers?
  • Look at how to create digital accounts and innovative products that are fit for the Internet of Payments World

Matt Ford, Product & Marketing Director, Tandem Bank

Closing Remarks from Chair

David Parker, CEO, Polymath